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Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Public role
The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is a biomedical contingency- and research- institution in the fields of fish health, animal health and welfare, feed and food safety. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute shall provide unbiased and scientifically independent services.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is the main adviser to the Norwegian National Authorities on matters relating to prevention, diagnosis and management of serious infectious disease in fish and terrestrial animals as well as zoonotics. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute provides additional services in prevention and management of crises related to hazardous constituents and infectious agents in feedstuffs and food.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute also provides services and advice to industry, other scientific bodies and to animal owners.

Healthy animals, healthy fish and safe food.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute shall, through research, diagnostic work and consultation, contribute to good health and welfare in fish and terrestrial animals, ensure feed- and food- safety and an ethically defensible and sustainable bioproduction.