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In this section you will find publications in english issued by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute of Norway (NVI).

Recent publications - The very latest publications from NVI

Fish Health Report - A yearly overview of the health situation in farmed salmonids and marine fish in Norwegian aquaculture. Available from 2005.

NOK - Surveillance and control programmes for terrestrial and aquatic animals in Norway. Available from 2004.

Zoonosis Report - Trends and sources of zoonotic agents in animals, feedingstuffs, food and man. Available from 1999.

NORM/NORM-VET - A Report on Usage of Antimicrobial Agents and Occurence of Antimicrobial Resistance in Norway in animals and humans. Available from 1999.

NVI´s Report Series - Reports from research, risk analysis etc. Most reports are written in Norwegian, while some are in English. Only the titles available in English is listet on the english page. Available from 2007.

Scientific publications - an yearly overview of scientific publications with authors or co-authors from NVI. Available from 2005.